Today I’ve been to French Impressionism gallery at NGV, Melbourne.

I just heard a dad explaining his Kid what is Impressionism … Listening to it, I’ve entered into the museum with excitement — Excitement is my second nature. I am amused, so these paintings are done when the paint came in portable tubes for the first time… So its like the Artist, Paint and Nature. They are inspired by the flowers, waters and light. There several quotes from artists, one that caught my eye is by Claude Monet

I perhaps owe it to flower that I became a painter

Every great artist has a unique way to paint, every great artist has a different inspirations, every great artist is good at painting their own particular inspiration.

For example: Frits Thaulow, I feel in love with his paintings, His particular inspiring point is Water, the moving water and reflection of objects in moving water.

Johan Barthold JongKind: He is my kind of guy, yup I just said that… because JongKind paints what he sees and what he feels with sincerity. My favourite painting is Habour by Moonlight.

I mean look at the reflection in moon light.

Okay here comes the lesson of the day: Look at the artists they all are different, no one is competing with anyone, they all are inspired by the different things, even if they are inspired by same thing, the expression differs from person to person, it sets their style, it gives their uniqueness. For example: The above artists are inspired by water and reflection of objects in it, but look at their expression, look how different and beautiful they are.

So guys all I am saying is Be yourself

There is no competition, no one is getting more gifts in life than you. Just be yourself, do great things and enjoy life.

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